herbal rejuvenation



                                          Herbal Medicine - Body, Mind and Spirit

Discovering foods, herbs and other natural approaches to support physical, mental and emotional well-being. In this 5 week course we will be drawing from the healing traditions of Europe, North America, China, India and The Middle East.

A 6 week course - Start date: Thurs 5th Nov. -  Time: 7-30 - 9.30 pm each Thursday

Cost: £65 - Concessions available.

Oriental Diagnosis:

Considering health from an Eastern perspective. Special attention will be given to assessment via 12 pulses and tongue, while investigating the 6 causes of disease, Chinese Food Therapy and the 5 Element System.

Saturday 10th October 10-4 - Cost £30

Eastern Aromatherapy:

Explore how Eastern "attars" are used to promote the health of mind, body and spirit. An opportunity to both try and experience natural eastern perfumes.

                                                      Saturday 7th Nov - 10-4 - Cost £30      

                                                                    Yogic Medicine  

An introduction to Ayurveda, the ancient healing system of India and its use of diet, herbs, oils and gemstones in the maintenance of health. Sudents will gain an insight into the Tridosha system and how to apply this to daily life.

                                                       Saturday 5th Dec. 10-4 - Cost £30                      


Above costs are approximate and concessions available on all workshops

All of the above will take place at Bristol's Folk House. 40a Park Street Bristol, BS1 5JG.

To book a place either call 0117 926 2987 or email admin@bristolfolkouse.co.uk