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ATTARS (Fragrances of the Soul)

Attars are pure plant perfume essences prepared in the ancient middle eastern way without acohol or solvents, they are highly therapeutic. They vary in price from around £2.00 per ml to around £100 per ml depending on quality, availability and source.

I attempt to aquire the best quality attars for the price.

I often have small quantities of attars which never appear on my website due to their scarcity - so please ask if you want something different.

Current stocks include:

(Items marked O/S are currently unavailable but will be available again in the future)


Persian Rose (red & strong)   £12 per 3ml  The original medicinal rose   Back In Stock

Tea Rose (sweet & light)        £12 ..  ..

Sudanese Black Rose (dark, sultry)  £12 per 3ml   Back in Stock

Turkish Rose (Ottoman) - quite special  £15 per 3ml  0/S

Sandal Rose (sweet, special)            £15 per 3ml  O/S

NEW  Nour (the rose of the Taj Mahal)  £15 per 3ml                                              


Persian Lilac (the perfume of a summer morning) £12 per 3ml O/S

Lily of the Valley (to inspire pleasant memories)  £12 per 3ml  

Nargis (wild 'pheasant eye' narcissus)    £12 per 3ml 

Lotus (various sources, white, blue, pink, )   £10 - £24 

Tunisian Jasmine - £12 per 3ml

Saffron (various sources)  £14 - £22 

 SPECIAL: ***  Gul Hina - Henna Flower, distilled in Sandalwood oil £14 for 3ml -

various grades of neroli also available


K'aaba Musk                                             £20 per 3ml

Al Mesk (Maroc)                                        £9 

Sufi Musk  (The Musk of Sufi Attar)           £12

Musk ul Rooh                                           £14

Musk Arab                                               £12 

Wild Deer Musk and Saffron (ethically gathered)        £25  NEW

Wild Deer Musk (ethically gathered)          £20  Limited Supply

Moroccan Myrrh                                     £14 per 3ml


Tunisian Frankincense (cleanses aura - repels malevolence)  £12 per 3 ml Back in stock

Hougari (Oman - considered the best frankincense)               £18 per 3ml  Limited Supply

Hougari Red (Saudi)                                                                £18 per 3ml  O/S


Arabian Sandalwood (light and sweet)         £10 per 3ml O/S

Mysore (Light) sandal                                   £12 per 3ml

Indian Sandalwood                                        £14 per 3ml 

Sandalwood (Dubai)                                      £20 per 3ml O/S


Tunisian Amber                                       £12 per 3ml  O/S

Persian Amber                                    £12 per dram (3.75 ml) Limited Supply

Sinai Dark Amber                                     £9 per 3ml  Limited supply

Light Amber (Maroc)                                 £9 per 3ml 

Shamama (aged amber with up to 70 precious ingredients)  various - £12 - £18

Grey Ambergris (ethical Yemeni)              £22  O/S

Ambergris 2                                                 £15 

SPECIAL BLENDS (Traditional)

Persian Shafayat (The Healer)                   £14  per 3ml  Back in stock

Blue Nile (Perfume of Cleopatra)              £12 per 3ml Back in Stock!

Al Nabha (The Spring)                               £9 per 3ml  limited supply

Jannat al Ferdous ("Gateway to Paradise")    £12 per 3ml    Back in Stock

Hajr-e-Aswad (Black Stone)  various qualities from light to dark       £14 - £20

Oudh perhaps the most sought after Attar - drawn from Agarwood trees - this Attar is traded by merchants throughout the east and used by Mystics and Alchemists of all traditions - Oudh is considered by Sufi and Dervish Mystics to be the greatest medicine for the soul.

I currently have some of the finest Oudh - it will vary in price according to availability.



Oudh Chips (in special Attar)                                £10 per 10gms (approx)

Indian Oudh                                                           £14 per 3ml

Cambodian Dark                                                    £18 per 3ml O/S

Ruh al Oudh        New                                            £16 per 3ml

Burmese Dark Oudh                                               £18   ..   ..

Black Oudh                                                            £14 

Oudh Royal                                                            £15  Back in stock

Oudh Isfahan                                                          £14  O/S

Tiger Oudh                                                          £20 per 3ml Back in stock

Dhen al Oud                                                            £15 per 3ml

Dhen al Oudh xx                                                     £18 per 3ml Limited Supply

Dhan Al Oudh Maliki Gr.1 (Saudi) in golden bottle within heart shaped presentation box (approx 2ml of high quality attar)         £60 (2ml)



 BUKHUR - usually purchased in the pilgramage cities such as Mecca and Mashad. For burning on charcoal.


Various Sources                                 Approx £10 per 40gms (blocks or chips)

The Attar is also sometimes available

Indian Bakhoor (Light)  - £12 per 3ml

 Current favourite Attars

"Cera" - "The right Way" - £38  (approx 3ml of fine attar). Limited Supply

"Mukhalat Maliki" (Royal Blend)  - £22 per 3ml 

Majmua (various qualities)- a blend of Ruh Khus, sweet earth and kadam -£14 per 3ml

Hajr-e-Aswad (Black Stone) - fragrance of the Ka'aba (Mecca) £14 - £20  

Burdah ("The Prophet's Mantle")  NEW      £15 per 3ml  O/S                        

           For details re purchase and delivery of all products

                               please email jesmithbodytonix@aol.com


* Disclaimer:  any claims regarding any of the products listed refer to traditional  and legendary use unless otherwise specified.



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